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I dont know how long that went on, things were a bit of a blur at that point, he told me to get on all fours doggy style, i was lose enough to be taken by that thick monster cock This little epizode had given me jerk off material for sometime while steph and i chatted, he asked how i liked that day and told me that if i wanted more, i knew where to go, his place. The rest of our irregular chats went like that for a few weeks or months with me warming up to steph untill he had asked to see my pics, i am a tall guy, 1m87, weighing around 85kg with a broad chest, i was perhaps a little overwieight especially in the thigh and ass area, i thought wat the hell, it might be interesting to see what a gay man thought of my body so i had taken a few shots with my webcam of me bending over and exposing my thick ass while kneeling one knee on the bed. Review s 1 Add review Report. I took it in my hands and ran my hand down its solid think lenght I arrived at the meeting point and he turned up on time to give me that ride, he greeted me warmly while my heart raced like mad again, a stituation not aided by steph who had decided to put his hand under my butt as i was sitting down and kinda rubbed his middle finger around my anus and asked smiling if i was ready for what he was going to do to me there, we reached his place 15 mins later and as i looked at his garage door i though well thats it, no more backing out, am going to be sodomised in the next hour!

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He ripped the rest of the condom off the base of his organ and tossed it aside, the lubed himself again and inserted a well lubed finger into me twisting around to spread a layer of lube in my hot little hole.

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Allow us to process your personal data? Review s 1 Add review Report. This was suprisingly pleasent, i go to it with more effort copying all the blowjobs i seen done by hundreds of porn starletsswirling my tongue across his head hearing steph moan in response giving me a feeling of accomplishment at my efforts to please, i licked from the base of his dick to the tip, the wet lengt of it smearing my own sliva across my nose and cheek, he was far too long for me to take in totally but i tried till i coughed and chocked on it. A Gay Sex. Well after a while of irregular chatting due to my studies at college he and i had been doing occasional cyber sex he started asking me again to come over at his place and let him have some fun with that ass of mine, the thought of another guy openly asking to fuck me seemed an odd one though in a pleasant one, he occasionally joked about how he was going to turn me from a pussy fan to a pussy boy after a long through fucking, i always had a sort of a conversion fetish and that comment kinda turned me on although i doubted anyone could do that.

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